The Optimum Conditions for Conception

9794135_sAt least 25% of couples have trouble conceiving. However a study (1) has shown that changes in lifestyle & diet can have an 80% success rate for couples who had previously been infertile. Our daily diet is extremely important as it effects the balance of our hormones which is essential when trying to conceive.

Do you think you have a healthy diet?

Here are 5 healthy diet tips that might surprise you.

1. Eat plenty of fat. A low fat diet may be preventing you from getting enough of the essential fats needed to form important hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and cortisol. Make sure you are eating oily fish, avocados, olive oil and seeds.

2. Choose butter & Olive oil over processed fats. Margarines can contain hydrogenated fat and trans-fats which our body struggles to eliminate. Trans-fats also appear in processed foods such as crisps, biscuits, foods fried in unstable oils such as vegetable and sunflower oil. So choose butter and olive oils which in moderation the body can cope with better.

3. Select natural sweetners. It’s good to be a healthy weight when trying to conceive but using artificial sweeteners to save calories isn’t advised as the body has to deal with the chemicals. Choose natural sweeteners like stevia or Xylitol instead. Most supermarkets stock these by the artificial sweeteners.

4. Know your fibre. A good fibre intake helps evacuate old oestrogen which helps balance hormones. The best source of fibre is from fruit and vegetables as these are more gentle on the digestive system than the more well known fibre bran. Ground flaxseed in porridge or smoothies has fibre and phytoestrogens which are also known for their hormone balancing properties.

5. Carry filtered water in non plastic bottle.‘Sigg’ bottle is ideal as it doesn’t contain Bisphenol (BPA, which can leech into food or liquids especially when left in the sun or a hot car. Chemicals such as BPA can mimic the ill effects of xenoestrogen hormones which unbalances the hormone system.

So how do you fare? What changes can you make to your diet today to improve your chances?

There’s lots more relevant help & advice available to improve your chances of conception. Why not book a free consultation and together we can work out the right treatment plan for you.

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(1) Ward, N. ‘Preconceptual care and pregnancy outcome’, Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, vol.5 (1995), pp.205-8

A marketing professional turned complementary therapist. First I experienced the fast paced life of both an agency and client side marketing career. Now I am following a life long ambition to work with individuals and help them feel better through relaxing and rebalancing.

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