Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, can’t relax or sleep

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You’re rushing around from job to job, from here to there and then when you have some spare time there’s a hundred and one things you could do with that time and you don’t know which to choose.

You feel so rushed and busy that your head is in a spin and you’ve lots to do but you don’t know what to do first?

It happens to the best of us. Here’s some things you can try to banish that yukky stressed out feeling:

  1. Make a cuppa, make yourself sit down and write a list. Get it all out of your head and down on paper.
  2. Annotate your list – cross out or just mark things with a future date if they can be done later on. Delegate tasks too. People will be happy to help. You only need to ask.
  3. Decide what you can realistically do today and what is most important and focus on only that. Multi tasking is not always efficient!
  4. Make time for food and drink as it helps you function at your best.
  5. Make time for you – do some yoga or something you love. It will change your energy and help you get out of overwhelm which ultimately will help you be more focused and get more done in the long run.

Busyness is a modern day problem and it leaves no room for us to truly relax and make time for ourselves. Over time this makes us ill. I hope you can find some calm  by using the pointers above.

Remember, if you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, you can’t relax or sleep  you are in need of some serious relaxation time. Have a think about what you’d like to do and prioritise some time for it. A booked in the diary reflexology treatment can force you to take time out of your busy day and make sure you get the deep relaxation that your body and your mind is crying out for. A yoga nidra class or meeting your friend or a family member for a walk in nature can do the same. Choose what speaks to you and book it in. Make time for you.

You and your family will all benefit from you taking time out. Ladies always leave my treatment room floating. They’re happy and calm with a relaxed mind and body. Everything feels so much better and easier after a reflexology treatment. Your family will notice the difference. Give it a try.

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A marketing professional turned complementary therapist. First I experienced the fast paced life of both an agency and client side marketing career. Now I am following a life long ambition to work with individuals and help them feel better through relaxing and rebalancing.

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“I was really excited about this treatment(Zone Face Lift) and wow it exceeded my expectations!!! As a forty something woman looking and feeling good is important to me and I had heard and seen amazing results from these facials and it did not disappoint!! I was amazed to see and feel immediate results! My skin felt tighter and you could see a difference after just one session!! The whole process was invigorating yet calming and relaxing at the same time, Rebecca is so professional you will be in great hands!!!
I am so looking forward to the full course of treatments to see the results and I urge you to book yourself in!!”

Heidi, Caversham

“"Before I visited Relax Rebalance I had never heard of Zone Face Lift. After experiencing it for the first time I am absolutely amazed and blown away by the results! Not only was the treatment utterly amazing, (totally unlike me to fall asleep wow!)
My skin after feels much tighter, fresher and generally zingier! I will be recommending this treatment to all of my friends - an absolute must for busy mums and now I'm over 40 I am keen to keep my lines under control! Thank you so much Relax and Rebalance I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and will be back again for another one very soon!"

Polly, Wokingham March 2019