Reflexology lives are hectic due the general demands of today’s world. The effect of this can prevent the thousands of parts of our body and mind from working together in harmony. Too much strain on one particular area of the body or mind can knock our whole system out of balance. It’s hard to know what to do when you feel tired, down or generally out of sorts. Reflexology can help to create the necessary sense of calm and wellbeing that’s essential to cope with life.

The Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology helps people cope with and reduce the stresses of daily life by promoting deep relaxation, which in turn helps any ailments the person has.

Reflexology …….

  • Helps relaxation
  • Improves mood
  • Aids sleep
  • Relieves tension
  • Improves sense of wellbeing

How does it work?

Reflexology is a safe, natural therapy. The roots of it are believed to date back to ancient Egypt. Many medically related paintings, believed to be the earliest examples of Reflexology, were found in the tomb of an Egyptian physician named Ankmahor.

The theory of Reflexology is that the organs, nerves and other parts of the body are connected to reflex areas or points on the feet and hands. By stimulating these reflex areas through massage and compression techniques a direct response can be created in the related body area. Responses include releasing tensions, stimulating blood circulation, removing energy blockages and dispersing accumulations of calcium and uric acid. Therefore both the emotional and physical health can be improved with Reflexology.

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Specialist Reflexology

Please see my detailed pages for info on:

Facial Reflexology

Reflexology for Fertility

Reflexology for Pregnancy

Reflexology for Stress

Power Reflexology


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NEW Zone Face Lift

  "Before I visited Relax Rebalance I had never heard of Zone Face Lift. After experiencing it for the first time I am absolutely amazed and blown away by the results! Not only was the treatment utterly amazing, (totally unlike me to fall asleep wow!)
My skin after feels much tighter, fresher and generally zingier! I will be recommending this treatment to all of my friends - an absolute must for busy mums and now I'm over 40 I am keen to keep my lines under control! Thank you so much Relax and Rebalance I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and will be back again for another one very soon!" Polly, Wokingham March 2019

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“I was really excited about this treatment(Zone Face Lift) and wow it exceeded my expectations!!! As a forty something woman looking and feeling good is important to me and I had heard and seen amazing results from these facials and it did not disappoint!! I was amazed to see and feel immediate results! My skin felt tighter and you could see a difference after just one session!! The whole process was invigorating yet calming and relaxing at the same time, Rebecca is so professional you will be in great hands!!!
I am so looking forward to the full course of treatments to see the results and I urge you to book yourself in!!”

Heidi, Caversham

“Having been trying to conceive for quite some time I contacted Rebecca. Within three months I fell pregnant. I would recommend reflexology with Rebecca to anyone who is trying to have a baby, it is very relaxing and I’m sure it made a difference for me."

Nicky, Winnersh 

"I want to shout from the rooftops about a lovely lady I think each and every one of you should go to. Without going into lots of details my partner and I struggled with fertility problems for over 3 years, we tried everything from conventional medicines and homeopathic remedies. The month I finally fell pregnant naturally I was having weekly reflexology sessions with the lovely Rebecca Hogan at Relax Rebalance and I believe this is the main thing that helped us to conceive. Rebecca is such a lovely, kind, throughtful and caring person and I will carry on seeing her throughout my pregnancy and beyond. If your not struggling from fertility problems she can help with stress, anxiety and other problems as well, she is a wonderwoman!! A massive thank you to Rebecca who without I couldn't imagine sitting here staring at my first scan picture xxx"

Leanne, Reading

"Pregnancy reflexology has not only provided me with the space to totally relax and switch off, but has also alleviated those niggling pregnancy aches and pains. Thank you Rebecca!"

Louise, Wokingham