Want to boost your energy levels this Winter?

If you feel sluggish this Winter it may be due to your serotonin levels dropping. There’s less natural light around meaning your body may not be receiving the stimulation it needs to produce it.

There’s a number of ways that you can ensure that your serotonin levels and therefore your energy levels don’t drop this Winter.

1. Check your diet is healthy – this is essential. You’ll be pleased to know that you need to eat regularly. Don’t get too hungry in between meals but remember to choose foods that help balance blood sugar levels such as low GI foods. Not those naughty chocolate treats!

2. Take supplements – If you don’t eat fish and eggs then you may be deficient of vitamin D3 so try taking a supplement in Winter. Siberian Ginseng is also a great tonic for increasing energy levels and aiding the immune system.

3. Get a good nights sleep – it’s so important that we get a full night’s sleep in order to feel energetic the next day. So make sure that you have an hour of quiet before you go to bed, no late night snacks and don’t have any electrical items in your bedroom. Black out curtains are a great idea if the street lights and passing cars disturb you.

4. Work out what time of day you feel most tired – “Traditional Chinese medicine recognises that each organ has a time when it is at its peak and, conversely, when it is at its weakest. The Chinese clock is used mostly to help diagnose which organ is out of balance. If someone feels tired during the kidney hours (between 5pm and 7pm), then that would point to kidney imbalance.” says Henry McGrath. You can then ensure that action such as altering your diet is taken to help out this organ.  Organ Qi cycle can be found here.

5. Aromatherapy – essential oils have a powerful effect on our mood. Citrus oils are brilliant for a boost and can be placed in a burner in your home or mixed with a carrier oil and applied to pulse points. Neal’s Yard do a great remedy to roll which works for me. you can find it on my NYR site.

 6. Country walks – spending time in natural surroundings and at the same time getting some fresh air and exercise will energise your mind and body. Go on wrap up warm and get out there. It’ll do you the world of good.

Wishing you all a happy winter.

Keep warm.



A marketing professional turned complementary therapist. First I experienced the fast paced life of both an agency and client side marketing career. Now I am following a life long ambition to work with individuals and help them feel better through relaxing and rebalancing.

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